Thank You For The Rain

Host A Screening

Kisilu's story is a powerful tool for engaging people, politicians and business leaders in the fight for climate justice. Spread the word by hosting a screening of the film in your region.

Who can host a screening?

Anyone! Whether you represent an organization, a school or yourself, you can organise a screening in your local community. It could be in your university, church, library, museum, farmer cooperative, workplace, or local council.

All you need is a screening licence that comes with the invoice when you buy the community screening download link below.

You can also download press material, pictures, links to trailers on the press pack link below. 


Are you a business with focus on social responsibility and sustainability? Thank You For The Rain is a real eye opener and helps people understand how climate change affects people. It also encourage social entrepreneurship and climate leadership. Would you like to host a screening in your organization, for your employees or coworkers? Or invite Kisilu to an event or conference?


Thank You For The Rain helps students around the world better understand the issue of climate change. The idea of climate justice is rarely included in the climate change education, and we have made educational toolkits available to be used with the film, linked to national curriculums in UK, the US, Canada and Norway. Head on over to our Schools page to learn more! 

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